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We are developers and manufacturers of special chemicals for the electroplating industry. Our main focus is on the further development of zinc and zinc alloy systems and the associated processes around the electrolyte. We can offer you everything from pretreatment, electrolyte and passivation to final sealing. You can find out more details in the subsections.


For perfect adhesion, the metal surface must be free of residues such as oxides, oils or dirt before the coating process.

We have various products for metal pre-treatment that are specially adapted to the customer’s needs.


anjo Zn 100

Alkaline, cyanide-free zinc electrolyte for rack and barrel galvanizing with high gloss level

ZPN Zn 600

Acidic, ammonium-free electrolyte for rack and barrel galvanizing. Boric acid can be replaced by a new buffer

anjo ZnFe 100

Alkaline zinc-iron electrolyte for barrel and rack galvanizing

anjo ZnNi 100

Alkaline zinc-nickel electrolyte for barrel plating

anjo ZnNi 150G

Alkaline zinc-nickel electrolyte for rack electroplating

anjo ZnNi 600

Acid zinc-nickel electrolyte for rack and barrel plating


ZPN Blue 1

Cobalt-containing blue passivation, transparent or black passivation for zinc-nickel

ZPN Blue 2

Cobalt-containing thick film passivate for zinc. Can be colored.

ZPN Blue 15

Cobalt-free blue passivation for zinc, transparent or black passivation for zinc-nickel

ZPN Black

Black passivation for galvanized surfaces

anjo ZnNi Black 11

Cobalt-free black passivation for zinc-nickel for rack coatings

Customer specific passivation

Passivations developed to customer requirements


ZPN Nano 20

Transparent sealing

ZPN Nano 24B

Black sealing

Top Coats

We use a range of organic and inorganic, clear and black top coats.
Please ask us for more detailed information.

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