Research & Development

We have been developing electrolytes, passivations, top coats and pre-treatments for zinc and zinc alloy coating since the foundation of anjo Oberflächentechnik GmbH. For this purpose, we draw on over 30 years of experience in the research of such systems. With the development and patenting of cobalt-free passivation systems in 2009, we successfully took a major step towards environmentally friendly and more cost-effective alternatives to commercially available solutions a long time ago. We were also able to position acidic zinc and zinc-nickel electrolytes on the market at a very early stage, which completely dispense with boric acid and ammonium. In addition to the complete biodegradability of the buffer system, there were other technical advantages.

Tailor Made Products

In addition to the constant new and further developments for our portfolio, we also offer tailor-made systems and products on behalf of customers. For this purpose, we first evaluate the customer’s coating requirements, technical prerequisites and possibilities together with the customer. In the subsequent step, we then develop the necessary solutions. The resulting products are highly specialized for the customer’s requirement.